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Just Smile.

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About Dr. Agape Leah Capacio - Yambao

Since graduating from the Manila Central University with a Doctorate in Dental Medicine in 2007 , Doc Dimple has been dedicated to providing exemplary service and personalized dental care.
Through a commitment to proven therapies and the latest technology, Doc Dimple has risen to the forefront of modern dentistry. 
At the Heart of Quezon City, Doc Dimple is proud to offer a luxurious, spa-like environment where you’ll be pampered and listened to. Every appointment revolves around perfecting your beautiful smile and protecting your whole-body health at the same time.
By taking this individualized, comfortable, and high-tech approach, Doc Dimple will help you discover a newfound confidence in your health and smile.
With Doc Dimple help, you can start enjoying your smile today.

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